Unrupt Story

Open Source code, Patent License and Roadmap to create and sell Apps to enable us to speak our thoughts whenever we have them, reply to others when convenient, and free our minds of clutter and stress.

Unrupt our conversations so we can speak at the same time as someone else without interrupting or disrupting. Speaking our thoughts as we have them frees our minds of clutter and the stress from trying to hold a thought while listening to someone else. In an unrupt call no one feels interrupted or misses anything, so it is like talking to someone very polite with a great memory.


For example, our Unrupt prototype coded initially by Tim Panton, who is showing it on his iPad in the video, demonstrates that it is possible for people in a conversation to speak thoughts at the same time and not interrupt each other or lose an idea. The image shows the Unrupt prototype running on an Android phone; more detail on our Github page.

This and the ability to maintain a continuing conversation seamlessly though intermittently, as shown in our experimental Verbol voice Studio, provide us with new freedoms and reliefs by freeing our minds of clutter and stress while improving our understanding of each other.

Brian Reynolds is a Systems Designer who, after founding and growing a software company for 20 years, has been pioneering new technology and "living in the future" using his prototypes, leading to a series of patented inventions. We are offering an opportunity to open source developers to distribute Apps embodying our inventions for commercial use.

What We Need & What You Get

We wish to encourage early adoption of our technology by the open source community. Open source development itself and personal use we regard as non-commercial which is free of any patent license charge, so you are welcome to start coding right away. Our source code of the Unrupt demo is freely available and MIT licensed on public Github. Brian's IP holding company Family Systems Ltd is a member of the Linux Foundation which also supports open source.

In respect of commercial deployment of Apps you develop, our Unrupt patents have granted Family Systems an exclusive right to exclude others from using our Unrupt inventions in exchange for their publication for others to learn from. We wish to share our inventions with you now at a very reasonable cost, so that you can distribute Apps embodying our inventions commercially with no royalty obligation to us. This means your development can support itself by App sales without extra hurdles,

Two US patents are issued and a first European patent has been granted and filed in France, Germany, and the UK. Continuations have been filed in the USA and Europe; the issued patents are listed below. We hereby promise to take no enforcement action on this family of patents against any purchaser of the Proprietor Patent License perk in this campaign from receipt of payment for the life of the patents.

US9087521 Speak while listening without missing anything

US9538129 Pause the audio from someone else while speaking

EP3017589 France, Germany and UK with claims similar to US9087521

To distribute your Apps, the Unrupt Proprietor License perk enables a sole proprietor who may be a developer, or close to someone able to make an App, an unlimited royalty-free license locked in at early bird pricing. This applies for sale of Apps in any quantity, for the remaining life of the patents approximately 15 years. After the early bird period, we expect pricing to increase dramatically or bear royalties.

If you create useful code and contribute it as open source on Github and Family Systems adopts it in our distribution, then users of that distribution will also be patent protected by the licenses back from Family Systems prior patent families, and the many patents pooled by all the members of the Linux Foundation that are within the Linux System Definition. This assembles for a Family Systems distribution of the Unrupt open source project the kind of patent protection available to Corporations.

The Linux Foundation has confirmed that our Unrupt patents fall outside of Linux and are unlikely to be included in the Linux System Definition in the foreseeable future, so our patents are not in the Linux pool. We support open source so have decided to make open source development itself free and offer this Proprietary License for distribution.

By accepting a Proprietor License now, you are helping the continuing expansion and maintenance of the Unrupt patent family from which we all benefit. The funds will go firstly to the attorneys and national patent offices in the USA, UK and Europe where we hold the five issued Unrupt Patents and are continuing to add to them. After that to enhancing our open source Unrupt demo, so it becomes the seed of a lot more helpful innovation.

In parallel to this initiative to involve the open source community we are preparing for Corporate Licensing. We have registered the Unrupt patents on the IPwe Blockchain Patent Registry and are considering their licensing platform. It is our intention that if open source developers meet over the web

and decide to form a Corporation together, then their Proprietor Licenses can be credited to a Corporate License.

We also wish to make it possible for open source developers who work with our software to be empowered and rewarded for assisting Corporations in technology transfer of our inventions into their existing services.

The Impact

We are achieving new freedoms and benefits in human communication that have to be experienced and are truly wonderful. We have pioneered in Vv Studio seamless integration of web voicechat and telephony. Vv Studio is in client server mode with a combination of three open source servers for web, voice and chat with a lot of our code to integrate them.

With the availability now of WebRTC the same or better results can be achieved in the browser and operate peer to peer. The development opportunity is to implement the innovations pioneered in VvStudio in peer to peer mode which is more secure and scalable, starting from the Unrupt open source demo as our seed.

Brian is the inventor named in the Unrupt patents. Brian's career includes founding and growing a software company for 20 years which has since become a billion dollar enterprise. Since then Brian has been conducting R&D with the help of consultants to develop and maintain prototypes and patent attorneys to write patent claims, all of whose creative excellence and hard work Brian acknowledges and is very thankful for, as it has empowered us along the way in our journey of discovery and invention,

These efforts achieved three families of patents which have been sold with a license back to Family Systems, our IP holding company. Since their publication, all our earlier inventions have become widely adopted and we use them every day. For instance Google Docs for our Interactive Web Pages that we patented in 1996, WhatsApp voice messaging as a primitive form of voicechat which we patented in our Web Collaboration family in 2002 and pioneered in Vv Studio, and Chordify for play-along also patented in 2002.

It seems that the world inevitably catches up with our inventions but after typically a 15 year wait. The results are sold by Corporations who implement their services on open source components, but the open source programmers who volunteer their effort and excellence do not always get a share of that revenue.

The Unrupt patents for enhanced conferencing are our fourth and most recent patent family, and build on the insights derived from using implementations of our earlier inventions. The Unrupt inventions are so new, fundamental, widely applicable and far-reaching that we have decided to license the patents instead of selling. This time we also want to accelerate the process of adoption of the Unrupt inventions by

providing business opportunities to open source developers, and make this synergistic with the big corporations.

Our past contributors are all remarkably gifted and are occupied in other important projects. We hope your talents and energy will add to what we have started in the Unrupt open source project so the inventions we have pioneered can be enjoyed in innovations delivered by your Apps. We have an open source Unrupt prototype on our github repository; here is the Unrupt demo Readme page. This prototype enables us to experience talking our thoughts over each other without interrupting or losing anything; "automated politeness", in an experimental setting so the buffering is made visible.

Risks & Challenges

Because our inventions have never been experienced before, our challenge is to help people realise they want them. Therefore this first offering is to the open source community to create and profit from Apps embodying our inventions that can popularise the new experiences.

This campaign is our starting point in creating awareness. We are keeping the campaign itself short in order to move to in-demand funding so that we can keep the early bird pricing going as necessary past the maximum campaign length until sufficient momentum is achieved.

Our Roadmap includes many improvements to the Unrupt demo to become more useful which can transfer into your Apps. As we create demand to draw our inventions into existing commercial services, we wish open source developers to also benefit from assisting technology transfer into Corporations.

Other Ways You Can Help

Our Proprietor Patent License provides the opportunity for an individual to be the proprietor of an App business with our Unrupt open source webapp to seed its development. We are happy for you to copy our webapp code into your App and improve it to work better on its platform.

Developers are thereby incentivized to earn from their efforts by selling great Apps embodying our inventions royalty free, so that the world can get to experience them for the first time in the open source domain.

While we encourage you to sell Apps through any Appstore for platforms you are competent in, we wish to stay focussed on continuing to advance our underlying unique technology by cross-platform webapp, without the distraction of specific platform considerations. We will be delighted to cooperate with holders of the Proprietary License and anticipate we can together achieve the advances depicted in our Roadmap and enable their wide availability through your Apps and the Unrupt open source project.

If not a developer yourself you may know someone with the ability to create life improving Apps; if so please share. For instance Brian would like an Unrupt App to get over the problems we have with Mute and web notifications in our webapp on iOS, and to interoperate with the Phone App and would be happy to pay a dollar or more for each of his family's installs from an App Store:)

Sections of Tim's presentation

1. Play Introduction 1 to 319 or Start whole video

2. Podcall demo starts at 5:19 mins; explains rendezvous server

Play Podcall 319 to 707 or Start at Podcall

3. Play unrupt Demo with intro 707 to 934 or Start at Unrupt demo

or Watch Tim show just Unrupt demo 782 to 936

4. How it works; Webaudio issues and summary

Play How it works 934 to 1209 or Start How it works

5. Start Rest of session

Watch Tim Panton's full session at Kamailio World 2017 Thanks all:)

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